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The world’s first and only wallet pill box (Patent# D603,156)
Awarded Best New Invention in 2005

Carry aspirin and protect yourself from a heart attack.

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2005 Best Health Medical Personal Care Safety InventionThe Re-Pillable Card- Wallet Pill Box is a life saving re-pillable (re-fillable) wallet pill card that is stored right over your top credit card in your wallet, without taking up usable wallet space. Turn your wallet into an "aspirin survival kit/mobile pill box".

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The Re-Pillable Max Card- Wallet Pill Box carries more and larger pills, 6 double rows of round pills (12) and larger capsule size pills, including allergy pills and all diabetes type II pills. "Your mobile medicine cabinet."

Both Re-Pillable Cards® are sold in separate and in mixed quantites from 6 packs to 50 half case lots. Please see pricing in the buy section. Shipping and handling is included with all domestic orders over $20.00 (Canada included). We welcome purchases in larger discounted case lot quantities, contact us for special pricing.

We invented the Re-Pillable Cards-Wallet Pill Box® to store life saving aspirin and other pills, hearing aid batteries, and the perfect place to store your ED pills, discrete and accessible. Why not make use of the "space and place" in the top credit card slot of your wallet. "Your aspirin and pills are just a wallet reach away," carrying either Re-Pillable Card-Wallet Pill Box.


Carry inexpensive life assurance right in your wallet, aspirin, during a heart attack and for pain and headaches. Please visit our about us page for hyperlink information about life saving aspirin and the Re-Pillable Card.

The Re-Pillable Card, “Customizable" Repillable Cards- Wallet Pill Box Click Here for details...

You will now be prepared for life's aches and pain and aspirin can stop and even prevent a heart attack, by taking (chew if in distress) one or two non-coated 325mg aspirin. Who said “your life is not worth 2 cents,” generic aspirin costs about a penny, so for 2 cents you can possibly save your life! Aspirin is our greatest, oldest, and cheapest medication.

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